President's Page.

President’s Report

   I start my report with the news that we need a new editor for the newsletter as Rob Vasey has decided not to continue to do the newsletter. So don’t be shy, you do not have to write a book on the history of commercial vehicles. It is a newsletter to let other members know what’s happening in our club.

You will also notice with this newsletter we have included some of the RMS rules for vehicles using the H plate system. If you choose to break these rules you risk losing your H plate and membership of this club, plus you could end up with a large fine from the police. As I am sure that none of us want that to happen I can only say make sure you know the rules. If you are not sure contact the RMS or the Club Registrar. Do not think you can use the excuse “I did not know the rules” as this will only get you into more trouble.

On a brighter note, haven’t we had some great runs recently. The run down to Peat’s Ridge Oak and then back to Freeman’s Waterhole via the old Pacific Hwy was great fun with a club BBQ at the end it was a perfect day out. Well done to Andrew for a interesting trip.

With winter coming at last we have plenty more runs to go on. Don’t forget if you can’t make it with your truck, come along without it and join in all the fun.

My thanks to Pom for stepping in at the last minute to get this newsletter out, but please someone step up to the plate as Pom will not be able to do the next issue.