Conditional Registration Scheme

The HVCCVC is approved by the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales as an authorised historic vehicle club.

Financial club members are able to conditionally register historic commercial vehicles that have been approved by the clubs committee.

HVCCVC members are required to adhere to all RTA and club rules when using historic commercial vehicles on a road or road-related area.

Click here to view "HISTORIC VEHICLE POLICY (April 2002) - pdf file". This policy was produced by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in conjunction with the Council of Motor Clubs, the Council of Heritage Motor Cubs NSW, the Old Motoring Club, the XW-XY Falcon Owners Club, The Classic Italian Motorcycle Club and the Velocette Owners Club.

HISTORIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLES - GUIDELINES TO CLUBS FOR OPERATION, LOADING AND INSPECTIONS. Click here to view a letter from the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs following agreement with the RTA (NSW Roads & Traffic Authority "Guidlines - CHMC.pdf". ).